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Friday, 10 September 2010

Friday Pie-Day: Peanut Butter Krispie Pies

Here are some cute little pies to bring out the child in you!

These rice pop wonders are more than just your average rice krispie treat.

I did make one little error when I put these together, but I promise you that it will be very, very easy to learn from my silly mistake.

Put the rice krispie pie base together with softened butter.

But not melted butter.

I'm not quite sure why I did so myself. I think that because I hadn't left it out the fridge to soften, I overcompensated and put it in the microwave a wee bit too long.

Ah well, it'll do anyway, I thought. Well, of course it didn't. When it came to sticking the rice krispies to the base and up the sides of each individual mould, I very nearly gave up hope. It took absolutely ages to get the buggers to cooperate!

Don't worry though, use the right consistency of butter and you'll be just fine. And if it does go wrong, just leave them to set a bit longer (well, like an extra hour or three) - you can eat them straight out the freezer anyway ;-)

Peanut Butter Krispie Pies

Makes 12:

100g rice krispies
75g butter, softened
100g peanut butter
100g soft cream cheese
125g whipped cream
200g condensed milk
3 tbsp lemon juice
Some mini Smarties to decorate

1) Line a muffin tray with clingfilm.
2) Mix the krispies and butter well, then push into the base and sides of each muffin hole. Cover and stick in the freezer for half an hour.
3) Meanwhile, beat the cream cheese, followed by the peanut butter and milk til smooth.
4) Mix in the lemon, then gently fold in the cream.
5) Spoon into the pie bases, adding a few Smarties on top to decorate.
6) Return to the freezer for at least 6 hours to set.

Pie out.

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Steven said...

Wow, they look great.

Did you think of this concoction yourself, or was it based on someone else's recipe?

Hungry Jenny said...

Hi Steven

Thanks! The pie crust I took a guess at, hence the melted butter faux-pas. With the filling, I looked around at a few recipes and sort of merged them together.

It's how I put together alot of my recipes actually, getting ideas of flavours and quantities from various recipes and just hoping that my version will turn out alright - I avoid following particular recipes to the T, it's less challenging that way!

Hungry Jenny x

Dan said...

This looks tasty. The perfect recipe to try with my son. Thanks for sharing!

Hungry Jenny said...

You're welcome, Dan! I'm sure your son will love making them (and eating them too!)

Just remember to avoid the mistake I made with the butter :-)

Hungry Jenny x

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